Occupational Therapy Gadgets

Wall mounting heavy shoulder wheel with tubular circle of 100 cm dia, mounted on bush bearing with calibrated resistance 360 deg revolution, adjustment bar to raise up and release down as per the height requirement fitted on a lamination board frame.

A tubular steel contracted duly painted exercise chair with weight and pulley, straps and handle along with chair for sitting. This gadget is used for overhead pulley system for for variety of exercises i.e, elbow, shoulder, knees, hips , quadriceps and arm strong stretching and other resistive and assistive exercise.

Chrome plated finished metallic frame grip exerciser fitted on laminated wooden base consist heavy resistance with ix detachable springs.

An aluminium casted foot step duly painted and fitted on a laminated wooden base fixed with steel brackets, having two springs for Doris and planters flexion, exercises, resistance can be controlled for increasing and decreasing by further tightening the nuts of both th springs and the flexion angle can be measured.

Made of S.S. Heavy duty steel sturdy and well finished with aluminium seat and arm rest, duly fitted with a motorized turbine ejector, and aerator, a digital temperature, indicator, controller and fitted with immersion concealed heaters.

Best quality mirror protected by teakwood polished fame & back with ply board supported by angular frame and mounted on a tubular stand of two pieces fitted with four ball bearing rubber castors.

Tubular steel construction. All steel rod mesh at the top for complete suspension, the mesh can be used for any desired angle for patient comfort and treatment point of view , complete with suspension gear comprising , 7 canvas slings, 6 single ropes with hooks and cleats, 2 double pulley ropes, 8 springs, 4 s hook 2 ankle straps, supplied without bed.

Foam rubber padded top up holstered with maxim and adjustable back rest of 18 deg. length which can be adjustable in height for desirable position. Two drawer and a writing board is provided underneath the top. Top is mounted on sturdy built.

Wall bar single section hardwood constructed sturdy frame finished in natural wood polished oval shape rungs are parallel fitted in to vertical bars. Patient can perform shoulder range of motion exercises from a sitting or standing position.

Table Top model for IR radiation treatment. IR bulb of 150w is fitted in a metal casting.

Specifically designed table with laminated top fitted with 6 pulleys in a steel frame loops and nylon cord passing through the pulleys with hanging weight underneath for fingers, hand, wrist, forearm exercises, the table is provided with supination/pronation and wrist circumduction for wrist exercise.

A wooden peg board duly sunmica laminated with multicolors pegs.

Tubular steel frame with chrome plated finish. Specially Designed foam padded seat is fitted on 4 naylon castors and slides smoothly over the frame. Five chrome platted springs are provided for resistive leg and arm exercise.

Manually operated tilt table with foam padded top is provided with three straps to hold the patient. Works in standing position with worm gear arrangement. Range of tilt is calibrated from 0-99 degrees. Tables comes complete with a utility tay.

3 meter long walking bar have hand rails and upright stands are made of ms tubing duly painted and mounted on 3 meter long wooden platform non slipping mattress, height and width adjustable by setting of chains and pins.
(A) 10×2.5 Ft Adj, without P.F.
(B) 10×2.5 Ft Adj, without P.F.
(C) 10×2.5 Ft Adj, without P.F.

Complete tubular contraction with computerized control, motorized and non motorized with sliding canvas belt, slanted from control side to another side, complete with folding.

A tubular frame with cushion top seat and backrest duly powder coated with force angle adjustment facility and torque assembly and weights.

MEDIVEX is being used for storing and melting of wax at desired temp. level. The glass wool insulated double wall device is available. The inner and outer both the chambers are made of stainless steel, duly insulated glass wool for proper temperature maintaining, including top lid. The unit is designed with concealed heaters to reduce the recurring cost of wax and to avoid the risk of direct contact of body with he heater during dipping the body in the tub. The mobile unit is fitted with nylon casters wheels.

A wall mounting device for, shoulder, Arm and pronation/supination exercise, adjustable in height and radius, resistance can be increased by tightening the strap. Chrome plated adjustment bar along with attachment for wrist exercise.

A iron wheel mounted on a laminated wooden base has a small adjustable handle fitted to the wheel. A knob is provided at the back of the wheel to control resistance 0 to maximum. Hollowed foam padded platform fitted over the base in front of the wheel for wrist circumduction.

Fing & Hand Exrciser

Laminated exercise board with storage drawer, have several holes for fixing pegs and springs. comes with one finger disc, one roller, three spring loaded knobs 3 aluminium pegs and 3 sets of springs of different tension, hand gym board permits active flexion and extension exercises of the finger and grip.

A steel sock absorber based specially developed device for the exercise of heel and tarsus muscle group, is fitted on a laminated wooden or steel base and can be used for exercise while sitting on a chair or a stool. The resistance can be increased or decreased by aluminium footstep up/down on the lever.

A simple & accurate device for measuring range of motion stainless steel construction.
(B) 180
(C) 360

An ergonomically designed three fold fixed up holstered traction table with hollowed cushioned top and sturdy constructions of square use pipe duly rushed proof powder coated is idle for cervical and lumber traction purpose supplied with flexion stool and traction fixation with vertically adjustable traction mounting top.

Two Section corner type wooden exerciser case 30 inch wide one sided 4 steps and other side with 6 steps, both side wooden hand rails duly teak wood polished and non-slipping mattress pasted foot steps.

Tubular constructed wall mounting unit, comes with two pulley, cord and two handles used for exercise of the elbow and shoulder.

Tubular steel fabricated with resistance control to unable a patient to exercise the lower extremity and for strengthening the muscle, sitting on a stool.

Electrically operated Hand held light weight massager and easy to use, enable you to apply the massager to any part of the body with high power and multi directional vibration.

Shock absorber type stepper exercises with odometer portable floor model.

Medicine Exercise balls made of leather in different sizes and weight.

Abduction Ladder

Ideal for programming range of shoulder motion, made of polished teak wood having 30 number steps for shoulder abduction exercise.

One piece wooden roll in three different diameters fitted to a board with adjustable fiction control mechanism used for flexion and extension exercises of wrist and forearm duly teak wood finished.

A ruggedly built tubular steel frame stands on two parallel welded steel pipe duly covered from both side by rubber cap, provided with adjustable cycle seat solid rubber tyre wheel crank and chain with paddles for cycling.

Solid steel dumbbells with chrome plated finish, a set consist of 6 dumbells of each weight

A wall mounting device for single grip facility complete with a sensitive resistance control system for wrist exercise in supination / pronation, adjustable in height with celebrated drum to record the revaluation from either side.

Hydrocollator is the modality of Hydrotherapy. It is thermostatically controlled machine to warm the water at a specific temperature of 0 deg. C. to 110 deg. c. The dual chamber duly glass wool insulated, fully made of stainless steel, mounted on a M.S. Frame fitted heavy duty casters.

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